First World War Served

In gratitude to the Servicemen & Servicewomen of Jacksdale, Westwood & Pye Hill who served King & Country during the First World War.

If you have any connection with the servicemen named below please get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ section on this website.

1918 – 1919 Absent Voters Roll A list of servicemen in the electoral wards of Jacksdale & Westwood, who were absent from home in 1918 and 1919 and therefore excused from voting. Absent Voters Roll   The Butterley Company Roll of Honour 1914 to 1918. Names and Particulars of Employees who have left the Butterley Company to serve the country in the European War. We noted down those who had a Jacksdale, Selston, Ironville or Codnor Park Connection.    Butterley Co WW1 Roll of Honour

Pte Philip Abbott
Pte F Ackers (possibly Alfred Henry Akers)
Pte Ernest Allen
AB Ernest Alston
Pte E Anthony (no information)
Pte Herbert Anthony
Pte Thomas Astbury
Sgt Arthur Atkin
Pte Leonard Bagworth
Pte S Ball (possibly Samuel)
Pte JW Banfield (possibly William John)
Pte Fred Barker
Pte John Tissington Barker
Pte Ernest Bates (no information)
Pte John Henry Beaman
Pte George Leslie Beeby
Pte William Harold Beeby
Pte George Edward Berrisford
Gnr George Isaac Berrisford
Pte Alfred Berry
Spr Benjamin Bishop
Spr Jabez Arthur Blackburn
Pte JW Bond (possibly John ‘Willie’ Williamson)
Pte Walter Boneham
Pte Bertram Bonsall
Pte Percy Bonsall
Pte Bertie Briggs
Pte Harold Bromley
Pte Joshua Brookes
Gnr William Brotherhood
Pte Arthur Brudenall
Pte Ernest Edward Brudenall
Dvr James Brudenall
Spr William Abbott Brudenall
Pte John Joseph Butler
Pte Tommy Butler
Sgt William Banks Cade
Pte John Thomas Carrington
Pte F Castledine ( thought to be Frank Calladine)
Pte Clarence Henry Castledine
Pte Benjamin Chamberlain
Pte Harold Cheetham
Spr Raymond Clark
Gnr Alfred Clayton
V.A.D.  Elizabeth Clayton
Pte Haydn Clifford
Pte Wilfred Clifford
Gnr Fred Coleman
Sgt Wilfrid Cook
Pte Edgar Cope
Ord Herman Crawford
Pte Lawrence Harold Crawford
Cpl Francis Cyril (Frank) Cresswell
Cpl William Cutts
Act/Bdr Henry Dale
CSM Fred Daley
AB Gerald Temple Dance
Pte Samuel Davies
Pte Percy E Dawes
Pte Albert James Denton
Pte Carl Deuxberry
Ord John Thomas Dexter
Pte George Samuel Thomas Dolman
Sgt George Dooley
Pte Joseph (Joe) Dooley
Sgt William (Bill) Dooley MSM
Pte Thomas Leslie Duckmanton
L/Cpl Samuel Duckmanton
Gdsm Alfred Durham
Sgt John Rennie Eccles
Gnr George Eric Farnsworth
Pte Frederick Ferrill
Pte Robert Fletcher
Pte H Foster
Ord Jesse Alfred Foster
Pte Ken Foulds
Pte Albert Fowler
Pte Arthur Gee
Pte Richard Gee
Pte Alfred Goddard
Pte Albert Goodall
Pte Ernest Gothard
Pte William Leonard Gothard
2 Lt Albert Pearson Grainger
Pte Vincent Grainger
Pte John Graney
Pte Frederick Greaves
Dvr Robert Greaves
Pte Charles Willie Green
Pte David Green
Pte William Thomas Green
Pte James Gregory~Simpson
Pte Herbert Ball Haddon
Pte William Hancock
Pte Archibald Neville Hanson
Pte Arthur Hanson
Pte George Ernest Hanson
Pte John Henry Hanson
Pte Samuel Disney Hanson
Pte Wilfred Hawthorne
Gnr John Thomas Haynes
L/Cpl John Heald
Pte W Henstock possibly William Hemstock
Pte Frank Clayton Hill
Pte Harry Hill
Pte Joseph Wilfred Hill
Pte Percy Hill
Sjt Rowland Miles Hill MM
L/Cpl Thomas Hill
Pte David Holden
Pte Eric Holmes
Pte John William Holmes
Pte Herbert Hoskin
Sgt Thomas Simpson Housley
Pte John ‘Jack’ Hubball
Pte Alfred George Jones
Pte Robert Cecil Jones
Rev Francis John Kahn
Pte CW Kavahnar (possibly George Walter)
Pte Thomas Key
Pte George Lewis Kilbourne
Pte Frank Knight
L/Cpl George William Langton
Pte Frederick Lappage
Pte Joseph Arthur Leighton
L/Cpl George Emmanuel Leighton DCM
Pte Percy Harold Lemon
Lt Percy Lemon
Sgt John Thomas Lewis MM
Pte William Alfred Lovatt
Cpl Frank Lowe
Lance Corporal John (Jack) Lowe
Pte William Machin
Pte Joseph Mallinder
Pte Albert William Marklew
Pte Frederick George Cecil Marshall
Pte James Mather MM
L/Cpl Harry May
Pte George Mays
Pte Harry McKay
Pte John Measures
Pte Francis William Millington
CQMS George Mills MSM
Sgt Horace Mills
Pte Leslie Mills
Pte Leslie Mills
Pte Thomas Mills
Pte John Charles Minett
Pte J Morley (possibly James)
Pte Richard Mullard
Pte Joseph Francis Naylor
Pte Joseph Naylor
Pte Thomas Naylor
Pte John William Leslie Newbold
Sgt William Harold Newman
Pte T Nock (no Information)
Gnr Reginald John Noon
Pte Charles Page
Sgt Henry Page
Pte Joseph Page
Pte John Thomas Page
Pte George Parkin
Pte Ernest Parkin
Pte Samuel Hutchinson Parkin
Pte John Barratt Parr
Pte John Thomas Pass
Pte John William Dunn Pass
SS Dvr Josiah Peach
Pte George Pepper
Pte John James Pepper
Pte Anthony Pirdue/Purdy
Cpt James Henry Preston
L/Sto Frank Sidney Price
Pte G Pritchett (possibly George)
Pte Henry Prothero
Pte Charles Radford
Pte Arthur Rawson
Pte George Raybould
Sgt John William Raybould MM
Pte Walter Raynor
Pte George Revill
Pte Thomas Revill
Pte Sam Rhodes
Sto1 George Richmond
Pte James Arthur Rickers
Pte Frank Riley
Pte Harry Riley
Pte J Robinson (possibly Joseph)
Pte William Arthur Robinson
AB Albert Henry Rowe
Pte Joseph Arthur Rowe
PO Joseph William Rowe
Pte William Rowe
Dvr Samuel Scattergood
Pte Fred Shooter
Pte John Thomas Simms
Pte Charles Henry Simons
Sgt Percy Smith (listed as fallen)
Pte Thomas Henry Smith
Pte William Henry Smith
Ord Walter Ina Smith
Pte James Henry Sparham
Pte George Otho Stafford
RQMS Francis Stokes
Pte Arthur Storer
Gnr Frank Storer
AB Daniel Straw
Gnr William Stubbins
Pte John Thomas Swain
Pte Arthur Tabberer
Spr Frank Tagg
Pte Arthur Tansey
Pte Charles Leslie Taylor
Pte James Taylor
Pte Thomas Taylor
RQMS William Taylor
Lt John William Timmins
Pte Joseph Tomlinson
Pte Frank Tomlinson
Pte George Arnold Topliss
Pte Joseph Leonard Towell
Pte Samuel Toyne
Pte William Andrew Toyne
2 Lt Albert Edward Underwood
Pte Cecil Vernon
Pte William Horace Vernon
L/Cpl John(Jack) Vernon
Pte Francis Reginald Wagstaff
Pte Bertram Walters
Pte Walter Walters
Pte Arthur Waplington
Pte Henry Wardle
Pte Percy Wardle
Pte Sydney Frederick Waterfall
Pte George Duncan Frederick Weal
Dvr Arthur Edwin Wheatley
Ord Horace White
Pte Wilfred White
Pte John William (Jack) Wigley
Dvr Ernest Wilbraham
Spr Horace Leslie Wilbraham
Spr John Robert Wilbraham
Sgt Matthew Wilbraham
Pte Dick Wilkins
Gnr Frederick Wilkins
Pte William Wilkins
Pte Clarence Williams
Pte JW Williamson (no information – possibly JW Bond)
Pte Wilfred Wilmott
Pte GH Wilson (no information)
Pte D Wilson (no information)
Pte Joseph William Wilson
Sgt John David Worthington
Pte John William Wright
Pte William Caulton or Ernest Walter Wright
L/Cpl Thomas Algernon Wrightson
Pte Robert Wyld
Pte Harry Wynn(e)

The following names do not appear on the Memorial but we can see no reason for this and will put them forward for inclusion:

Pte Ernest W Jenner

Pte James H Riley

Thanks go to Nick Ellis, Martyn & Carol Taylor-Cockayne and to Richard Robinson for their military and genealogy research, to Jean Berrisford & Brian Bland for transcribing and indexing, John Hales for photographic work and to Richard Robinson for proof reading, editing and type setting advice. Please note these pages are very much a work in progress at the moment, more information coming soon and editing and proof reading still in progress.