History & Heritage

The villages of Jacksdale, Westwood and Pye Hill have a rich and varied history.

The earliest development being at Westwood, which once had its own mill, a scattering of farms, several hostelries and a few frame work knitters cottages known as ‘The Bents’.

Terraced housing was first provided at Westwood, known as Westwoodville to house industrial workers, next at Pye Hill and more latterly in Jacksdale.

In response to the arrival of the Great Northern Railway and the industries thriving around it, Jacksdale emerged as the local trading and shopping centre, which has survived to the present day.

An ex-mining community, Jacksdale also has strong links with neighbouring Codnor Park and the ex-industrial model village of Ironville, home to the Butterley company’s iron works and forge.

Despite this tale of industrial rise and fall, Jacksdale, Pye Hill and Westwood are all thriving communities, each with their unique and individual identities.

Westwood Bents Courtesy Edgar Lowe