BANFIELD, John William

Private William John Banfield
76651, 204421 Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby Regiment)

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From his army service record we have discovered JW or WJ Banfield was born 27th Sep 1886. On enlistment, he gave his residence as Sedgwick Street, Jacksdale, Notts. William attested on 2nd March 1916, service number 204421 and was called up for service on the 1st February 1917 but on medical examination on the 2nd Feb 1917 he was found temporarily unfit by the Medical Board and was deferred to the Army Reserves. He was re-mobilised on the 3rd May 1917 but was again found to be temporarily unfit. He was re-mobilised again on the 14th May 1917 and was posted to the 5th Reserve Brigade, Sherwood Foresters where he resided at 75, Coral Street, Leicester. He was finally discharged on 25th Dec 1918. During his stay in Leicester he married Fanny Mansfield in the Register Office, Leicester on 18th May 1918. His address in 1918 was New Street, Underwood, Notts.

Before the war he had been a miner, working the coke ovens.

In 1918 a daughter Flory was born and in 1920 Kate G. was born, both in the Basford District.

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