Private William Hemstock
Regiment Unknown

This serviceman is listed as Henstock on the War Memorial but we believe his surname is actually Hemstock.

There are several branches of the Hemstock family who were living in New Brinsley and also one family living at Sedgwick Street, Jacksdale (William and Jessica Hemstock). The family from Sedgwick Street had a son named John William Hemstock born about 1883 who married in 1903 and by 1911 had moved to Kirkby. There is also a John William Hemstock born abt. 1894 at Westwood who by 1911 is living at Broad Lane, Brinsley.

There is another candidate, William Hemstock, son of Lawrence Hemstock and Eliza of Ivy Cottage, New Brinsley.  In 1920, at St Mary’s Church, William, then aged 26, married Ruth Towell, 21,  a spinster of New Westwood. They had children Will b. 1921 who died as a small infant and is buried at St. Mary’s and also Allen E. Hemstock in 1924.

Further information would be welcomed.