Sound Recordings NEW

Over the past 5 years JACHs have been collecting sound recording from local villagers who have been recounting their many memories about their childhood years, school days, their ‘courting days’,  working lives and much more. We now have over 50 recordings covering many varied subjects thanks to the hard work and dedication of JACHs interviewer Brian Bland and also to all the interviewees who have taken part. Thanks also go to Jean Berrisford and Carol Taylor-Cockayne for sound editing. We really hope you will have time to listen in. Please keep your eye on this page as a number of recordings will be added over the coming weeks.

 Sound Recordings: – click on a link below:-

Trevor Alcock – Of Langton Aerials Fame

Ronald BARKER & wife Dorothy nee PICKEN – born Pye Hill

Ken BARNETT born 1938 at Franklin Rd, Jacksdale –  “That’s How it Goes.”

Cliff BEARD – Jacksdale Student Teacher to Head of  Holly Hill & Underwood Schools

Maureen & Murray BINGLEY – WW2 Years and beyond – Jubilee & Jacksdale

Valerie & Eddie CADDICK – Living Over The Bridge.

Dorothy & Peter CARTER – A Butlin’s Romance and a Lifetime of Service.

Adrian CLARKE – Born early 1940’s – Jacksdale Post Office

Olga COOK nee HANSON – Born New Westwood the Youngest of Eleven

Jack COOPER with Mick & Pete ROBINSON – Tales of the Old Colliers

Sam & Patrica ELLIS – Childhood Sweethearts – Growing up at Pye Hill

Vera FIDO nee Hanson – Born Westwood &  Growing up at Jubilee

Alethea FLINT nee BELSHAW born 1920s –  A Family Touched by  a Tragedy at Loscoe Pit

Roy GRANEY  born 1920s – Codnor Park & Ironville Co-Op Horsedrawn Bread & Milk Round

Dennis LEMONS – Riddings Windmills

Bob PARKIN – Born 1920 Growing up at Pye Hill Part 1

Bob PARKIN – James Oakes Pipe Yard  Circa 1935 Part 2

Bob PARKIN – James Oakes Pipe Yard Circa 1935- Part 3

Eric & Lily SMITH nee STUART – Westwood & Underwood Memories

Roger WALKER born 1950s – From Dixie Street to Dixon of Dock Green! (Two Parts)

Dorothy WILBRAHAM nee BLAND – Bagthorpe & Buttons –  Part 1

Dorothy WILBRAHAM nee BLAND – The Prince of Wales 1929 – Part 2

Joan WILSON nee LEIGHTON – Fond Memories of Codnor Park