Sound Recording – Peter & Dorothy Carter


Dorothy Carter was born at ‘Five Houses’ Pye Hill, Jacksdale, Notts, daughter of a Pye Hill Colliery engine wright. She became a school lollipop lady, an SRN and later a C of E reader. Her husband Peter Carter was born in Winchester, Hampshire. Peter remembers cardboard in his shoes to fill the holes whilst potato picking for a whole week to earn enough to buy a milk a shake that tasted like heaven. Dorothy remembers her dad’s allotment at Underwood and the old family pet rook that picked out the onions, faster than her dad could plant them! And she sang in the choir at Underwood Church in those good old days when the choir stalls were full!  Peter served in the British Army at SHAPE in Paris and at Regent’s Park Barracks and after his Army career as a driver, trained the TA, and later served in the AA – Automobile Association. Although in Winchester, no one’s car ever broke down, and no one wanted to join the AA.  So how, did this lovely pair ever meet?  Well at Butlin’s Holiday Camp of course! To find out more, you will just have to listen in!

PHOTO:  Pye Hill 1964 NCB 1st Ambulance Team, Sister Barbara Cooper & Ken Rowe, Superintendant.