Sound Recording – Cliff Beard

JDS 1960poss courtesy KorkyMillssmall


Cliff Beard was born in 1931 in Alfreton, and in 1934 the family moved to Riddings when his father took up an engineering job at Riddings’ Forge. By 1939 they had moved to Wagstaff Lane, Jacksdale and Cliff transferred from Riddings Primary School to Jacksdale Council School, where he stayed till he was aged 14 years. At the time the war was on and Cliff remembers that all the teaching staff were female, as the male teachers had been called to war.  Cliff was not able to go to Henry Mellish Grammar School as his father was not able to pay the fees, but he did get a place at the Pupil Teacher Training Centre in Nottingham, where he attended 3 days a week until the age of 18. The other 2 days were spent teaching in school. His first teaching position was at Matthew Holland but Cliff later moved to Jacksdale School Primary. Cliff has a treasured photograph of his class and can remember them all to this day. He says his pupils there were very capable.  Cliff also taught at a primary school in Tibshelf, and was a head teacher at Giltbrook School and also at Underwood.  Cliff’s father always a keen engineer, had a lathe in the cellar of their home and later went into partnership with a brother to form an engineering workshops at Pye Hill, next to Knightsbridge Garage. Cliff describes Beard Engineering as ‘a small firm with a large capacity’ working at precision levels to within microns rather than thou’s. A very clear and precise recollection, definitely worth listening to.

Photo courtesy Korky Mills: – Mr Cliff Beard with his class 1960/1961 at Jacksdale School BACK  B1 Mick Astbury  B2 Andris Vasaleski   B3 Geoffrey Thorpe  B4 Andrew Mardo   B5 Tom Wilbraham   B6 Carl Frost    B7 John Huskinson   B8  Michael Greaves?  B9  Geoff Wilde d. aged 18, B10 Robin Fearn  B11 Steven Rogers. MIDDLE M1 Maureen Lindley  M2 Jean Wilson   M3 Elsie Bacon   M4 Barbara Parr  M5 Teacher Cliff Beard M6 ????  M7 ????  M8 Betty Lounds   M9 Linda Goodall    M10 Susannah Lumb   M11 Susan Cheeseman. FRONT  F 1 Brian Davey   F2 Robert Cummings  F3 Sandra Cheetham  F4  Linda Earnshaw  (dau of Claude)  F5  Pamela Fry   F6 Yvonne Bradley   F7 Ann Reynolds   F8 Jane Brooks  F9  Korky Mills  F10 Dennis Taylor