Ernest or Edward Whitehead
Details Unknown

No photograph can you help?

We have been unable to fully identify this man as we have found numerous casualties named E. Whitehead on the Commonwealth War Graves Web Site. However, a relative has now come forward who may be able to help, and has told us his first name was Ernie. Hopefully more information will be received soon.
We do know that he must have died prior to August 1917, as he is mentioned in a newspaper obituary which reports that ..
‘On Sunday, August 5th, (1917) a Memorial Service was held in memory of Leslie Lemon, (d. April 1917) Horace Cartledge (d. April 1917), Edward Whitehead (d. unknown), Henry Moore (d. May 1917), William Rawson, (d. Sep 1916) John Henry Shannon (d. June 1917) and Robert Archer (d. July 1916).’

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