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Welcome to VAR Services Ltd

At VAR Services Ltd we understand the importance of Power Quality & Energy Management in today’s business environment. We offer a comprehensive Power Quality Survey & Analysis service and just as importantly, a range of Power Quality Solutions including Power Factor Correction, Harmonic Filters, Voltage Stabilisers, Uninterruptible Power Supplies & Surge Protection.

The management of energy is vital in an increasingly competitive market. The combination of increasing costs and environmental climate change targets highlights the clear need for effective Metering Systems. Permanent metering systems can provide critical information to help control costs, eliminate waste and provide essential power quality information.

In addition to fixed metering systems we offer Load Monitoring services, which can identify key issues such as peak demand periods and Power Factor Correction requirements.

Prevention is always better than cure. PFC Equipment, UPS & Harmonic Filters are expensive items of equipment and regular servicing and health check inspections can prolong life and prevent premature failure. By using our Thermal Imaging Survey service, other electrical distribution problems can be identified before they happen.