Restoration & Re-dedication 1996

By 1996, some 75 years after its original unveiling in 1921, the memorial had fallen into a poor state of repair. The statue of a soldier, crafted in Sicilian Carrara marble had fallen off long ago when the weather took its toll in 1959 and by 1996 its stonework had become stained by dirt and grime, with some parts crumbling and cracked. The marble plaques were becoming hard to read where pieces of the lead lettering had started to fall out. Some names had already been renewed by Selston Parish Council but the ravages of time and the elements were taking their toll.
The Jacksdale Memorial Restoration Group was swiftly formed to address the problem, asking for help from local businesses and organisations. A fund was started which would hopefully cover the cost of an extensive restoration. Members of both the Royal British Legion and Selston Parish Council as well as local residents joined forces. Appeals were made in the local press for help.

Newspaper Reports

Skilled Midlands Co-operative Society stone masons worked flat out to carry out a complete restoration of the War Memorial at Jacksdale in time for Sunday’s Remembrance Service.
Terry Heneghan and Kevin Western cleaned and repaired the badly weather worn memorial and also replaced four plaques which bore the names of the Jacksdale men who served and died in two world wars. Midlands Co-op made a major contribution to the cost. They were contacted by the Jacksdale Memorial Restoration Group to enquire about the possibility of restoring the monument. They contributed £1,500 towards the total cost of the project, which has been estimated at more than £3,000.
In a letter to the society, Mr Edward Holmes of the Jacksdale Memorial Restoration Group said they were very grateful for the help given by Midlands Co-op in the restoration work. “Members of the local British Legion were greatly moved to learn of the impending renovation and the generous involvement of the Co-op.
The work also involved inscribing 314 names on to the four new panels which have now been fixed in place on the memorial. A spokesman for Midlands Co-op Funeral Division said, “It has been a major renovation project but we have been delighted to contribute to something which is so worthwhile.”
Ripley & Heanor News, Friday 15th November 1996.

Village’s War Memorial is Saved.
A Village war memorial has been saved from total erosion and fully restored in a £3,000 facelift. The Jacksdale Memorial will now be rededicated by locals and members of the Royal British Legion in a special ceremony next month. And it is thanks to a rescue bid from the East Midlands Co-operative that the landmark stands proud once again.
Villager and British Legion Member, Edward Holmes said, “The monument was corroding beyond the point of repair and something had to be done or else it would have been lost forever.” Locals set up the Jacksdale Memorial Restoration Group and raised £1,500, including a small donation from former resident Arthur Storer, who now lives in the USA.  But fund raising was slowing down just as the monument’s condition was getting worse – so Mr Holmes decided to approach the Co-op. “I went to them because the memorial stands outside one of their shops but we could not believe it when they came back and said they would fund the rest of the work,” he said. “It is thanks to them and the villagers that the Jacksdale memorial is standing proud once again.
The monument was first erected in 1921 at a cost of £440, with marble slabs bearing the names of the war dead. The first disaster struck in 1959 when strong gales blew off and destroyed the statue of the soldier which topped the monument. This has never been replaced but is now the next goal for the restoration group. The rededication ceremony is on April 13 from 11.55am.
The Nottingham Evening Post 1st April 1997

Grants & Donations Received.
Concert proceeds – Selston Parish Council £106
Lady Hind Trust £1000
Gray Trust £250
Ashfield District Council Grant £200
Notts. Rural Development Assoc. (Coalfield Delegated Fund) £200
RJB Mining Donation £250
Donations from Local Residents £300
Midlands Co-operative Society Ltd (in kind contribution). £1500

The Rededication Service of the Jacksdale War Memorial took place on Sunday 13th April 1997 at 12.00 noon. The service was conducted by Reverend Ernie Hill, Branch Chaplain of the Jacksdale & District Royal British Legion. Music was provided by ‘The Huthwaite Prize Band’.

People turned out in their hundreds to watch the re-dedication service of the Jacksdale war memorial. Representatives from The Royal British Legion organised the event after the memorial was skilfully restored by masons from the Co-operative Society who contributed £1,500 towards the cost of the project.
The memorial bears 314 names of those who served and died in two world wars. Mr Edward Holmes from the Jacksdale Memorial Restoration Group said how grateful everyone was for the help given by Midlands Co-op and particularly thanked the staff involved with the restoration work.
A spokesman for Midland Co-op Funeral Services said, “The Society is delighted to be able to help. It is a pleasure to see the memorial looking so splendid.”
Eastwood & Kimberley Advertiser, Friday 18th April 1997.

Removal and Renovation of the Base Posts and Chains – Year 2000

The extensive renovation of 1996 did much to improve the over all appearance of the memorial. Decades of dirt and grime had now been thoroughly removed from the sandstone. The old name plaques were replaced by new black marble tablets with the names of those fallen etched in white and the wooden posts at its foot were repaired and painted bright ‘poppy’ red.
Thanks to the vigilance and engineering skills of a local villager, Mr David Martin, the restoration of the memorial was taken a stage further in the year 2000. Mr Martin having noticed how attractive the memorial now looked, thought that it was also perhaps time for new base posts. With this idea in mind, Mr Martin, approached his employer ‘ Kirdale Engineering Ltd’ of Stanton-by-Dale, Derbyshire who agreed that if Mr Martin designed new posts and wreath bars, then the company would donate all of the needed materials. This was due to the generosity of Mr Dominic O’Neill, Managing Director and Mr Bob Kirkland, Chairman of Kirdale Engineering. Mr Martin set to work right away, submitting his design ideas to the Royal British Legion for their approval.
Thanks to this wonderful act of generosity, by Autumn 2000, the Memorial was the proud owner of ‘Barley twist’ slate grey steel corner posts and wreath bars.

2003 The Re-enactment & Blessing

This day was the culmination of several years of research by the Jacksdale Heritage Group A leather bound book of remembrance, ‘A Village Remembers’ dedicated to the servicemen of the village who gave their lives in the two world wars was presented to St. Mary’s Church, Westwood.  To celebrate the blessing of this book, a parade was held at the memorial along the lines of the original unveiling which took place in July 1921. The day was supported by hundreds and after a service at the memorial, attended by Pye Hill Male Voice Choir, a service of blessing was held at St Mary’s Church followed by a tea at Jacksdale Primary School.