1911 Census

In Spring 2011 Jacksdale Heritage created a name index of the 1911 Census for Jacksdale, Westwood and Pye Hill. Using street maps dated 1899 and 1914, for many local streets we managed to follow in the footsteps of the 1911 census enumerator and identify which family lived in which house.  Not an easy task as in 1911, house numbers were not used. The name index below can be downloaded to your computer and you can look up a family surname or use search to find your home today, to discover who lived there in 1911.

Click on the links below – please be patient as they may take a little time to download

1911  CENSUS Jacksdale – Household by Household with photos

1911 CENSUS Westwood – Household by Household with photos







If your ancestors are named on the 1911 for Jacksdale & Westwood and you have photographs or information about them, JACHs would be very pleased to hear from you.

Information reproduced with kind permission of the National Archives and Findmypast.