Knightsbridge Garage

Pye Hill Road, Jacksdale, Notts, NG16 5LR

Tel: 01773 602837

Here at Knightsbridge, we are a very friendly family run company and will be happy to look at any problem you may have. So please, any sign of a problem do not hesitate to call us on 01773 602837

Knightsbridge garage are well equipped to sort out your vehicle’s problem with our experience and equipment. We offer a wide range of services such as welding, timing belts general repairs and problems etc.

Knightsbridge Garage  are long standing sponsors of BADJER, our local village community group and we would like to thank them for their on-going support which is very much appreciated. Their donation helps us keep our quarterly newsletter going, helps us arrange annual village events and provide flowers in the village every Summer. Thank you! Knightsbridge Garage!