Local Schools

The first school attended by local children was the Ironville & Codnor Park School, built by the Butterley Company in 1850.

Later in 1865, Westwood School catered for the needs of younger children who then moved up to Ironville School.

It was not until 1908 that Jacksdale ‘Council School’ was built and public acknowledgment was paid to Ironville School for the help given in educating Jacksdale children until a school in Jacksdale could finally be built.

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Jacksdale School 1907 to 1949
Jacksdale School 1950 onwards

Thanks go to Jean Berrisford for transcribing these records for us.

Photo:- Jacksdale School Technical Class 1913 Courtesy AP Tansey 

In 1947 Matthew Holland Secondary Modern was opened at Selston, it had been built prior to this but was requisitioned as a hospital until the end of the Second World War.

Prior to its opening secondary pupils travelled to Heanor, Eastwood, Chesterfield and Nottingham, made easier in those days by the village railway links.

Under this subject you can learn more about the past headmasters, teaching staff and pupils of these village schools, many of which have been attended by several generations of villagers.

Westwood School