Club & Societies

Jacksdale, Westwood and Pye Hill are still home to many varied clubs, teams, groups and societies.

Due to our industrial past, our village ancestors worked, lived and also socialised together. One of the earliest of these groups is the still famous Pye Hill Male Voice Choir, formed in 1903.

St. John’s also had a strong membership, due to the need for trained first aiders in the local industries and had a local branch until just a few years ago.

The local branch of the British Legion was inaugurated at the Portland Arms in 1926 and now, over eighty years later still head the Remembrance Day parade at the village war memorial.

Many also remember the former Jacksdale Cricket Club, their well kept cricket field and their sporting triumphs.

Here you can find out about all of these many and varied groups who have done much to strengthen the comradeship of this community over the years.

Westwood Guides 1944-1945