Churches & Chapels

Just before the turn of the last century, Jacksdale, Westwood and Pye Hill had an abundance of non-conformist chapels and many have wondered why, The reason lies over the border in Ironville, where in 1856 the Butterley Company built the Church of England, Christchurch and as staunch Anglicans, forbade the building of any non-conformist chapels within the boundaries of Ironville.

To cater for the needs of other denominations, chapels were built at nearby Pye Hill but still close enough to attract a congregation from Ironville.

In 1898 a Church of England Church was built at Westwood, made possible by land donated by Earl Cowper and James Oakes, already having built a church at Riddings, provided the church bell.

The churches and chapels of the area are held in the hearts of many as the institutions where they, or their ancestors were christened, married or farewells were said as they passed on to the next life.

In this section we will see how the churches have brought members of the community together not only in worship but have also hosted many village activities over the years.