Guide Dogs for the Blind Appeal

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Guide Dog Appeal

I’m writing to see if any of your readers would be able to help us in preparing puppies for a life as a guide dog, by becoming a volunteer puppy walker. Our puppy walkers take in one of our adorable pups when they’re around 6 weeks old, and help to look after them until they are ready for formal training, at around 12-14 months of age.

As a puppy walker, they’ll need to introduce our pups to everything that working life can throw at them, from navigating busy city streets to getting in cars and using public transport. It’s also important that our pups aren’t left alone for long when they’re very young. Being a puppy walker can be hard work, but our volunteers find it incredibly fulfilling to support a puppy through such an important stage of its development, and their work is vital in helping us to give people who are blind or partially sighted the freedom they deserve.

You will receive support and advice throughout your time volunteering for us, and it’s a great way to meet new people as well. We’re currently in urgent need of new volunteers in Jacksdale and the surrounding area, so if you feel you could spare the time, love and commitment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

To find out more, email or call 0845 371 7771. You can also find more information by going to, and searching for ‘puppy walkers’.

Regards, Matt Freeman (Guide Dogs for The Blind)