Gemma Cakes

Cakes for Special Occasions, Birthdays etc

Wagstaff Lane, Jacksdale

Mobile: 07593087433

Gemma has just moved to Jacksdale and is very keen to be part of our local community.  She saw the Jacksdale website and just knew she had to move to our friendly village. But I think we are going to be the lucky ones! When the word gets out, everyone will be ordering  cakes from Gemma.

Gemma is a cake creator of  great talent. She makes individual cakes for all occasions. Weddings. Birthdays. Valentines. Party Time. Anniversaries & Celebrations. You name it and she can make it, or choose from her amazing range.

Cakes are made from wholesome ingredients. No additives or preservatives just butter, flour and sugar – the good old home made way! Take a look at some of the amazing designs on this page or visit Gemma’s page on facebook.

What better gift could you give than a totally unique cake to the totally unique people you love!
Call or email Gemma for a quote. You will be surprised by the prices.