Forest Bowmen Field Archery Club

Venue: Codnor woodland terrain

How many Hollywood films have you watched recently that contain an element of archery? Thanks to the 2012 Olympics and Hollywood Directors making Archery a significant theme in many of their films, the sport is once again showing a surge in popularity.
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Forest Bowmen is a local club which is reaping the benefit of this newly established interest and we are happy to offer people the opportunity to either enjoy a shooting experience or to even take up the sport as a pastime.  We are a well established Field Archery club of some 20 years, and have a membership that possesses a wealth of experience in shooting.  Our club is located in Codnor, and covers approximately 27 acres of well established woodland of varied terrain, which is usually set out with a course of at least 36 permanent targets. The club is a member of Association of Field Archery Clubs (AFAC).  Many people when considering archery, will think of the type seen on the Olympics where the archers shoot on flat open ground over a known distance at targets of coloured rings. This is known as Target Archery.

Field Archery is different. Instead, the archers shoot around a course of many different types of targets, usually in a woodland setting and over distances which are not specified. It is an inclusive sport and for old and young alike.


In addition to a challenging course, we also provide two practice areas with safety nets used for warming up, setting up bows and training prospective members. There are ample parking facilities for members and visitors

Many of our members are long established archers who are always happy to provide advice and guidance to the new member (or to help with excuses for the occasional missed shot).

Club open days are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 9.30am onwards although members may shoot any days.

We are happy to take bookings for special events such as pageants, birthdays, corporate games and activity days. More information and contact details can be found on our web site    or ring Mel on 07919360522