CLARK, Raymond

Sapper Raymond Clark
34710  Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby Regiment)

56207  Durham Light Infantry, 23rd Infantry Works Company
185712  Labour Corps, 357th (H.S.) Works Company, 
365849  Royal Engineers, Tyne Electrical Engineers

Raymond was born abt. 1893 was the son of Edith and George Clark, stationary engine driver of Pye Hill, Jacksdale. The family originated from Wymondham, Leicestershire. In 1911 the family was living at Pye Hill.

Before joining up, Raymond was employed at James Oakes & Co’s Sanitary Pipe Works as a clay worker and engine driver. Raymond attested at Nottingham on 11th Dec 1915 and was called up on 5th Feb 1916. He was of slight build, only 5′ 3″ tall, weighing 102 lbs (less than 7 1/2 stones) with a chest girth of 31″ and his overall physical condition was described as ‘poor’. His right foot was slightly flat and he had a scar near one eye perhaps an indication of a previous accident but not bad enough to exempt him from military service.

Although attesting to join the Sherwood Foresters he was swiftly transferred to the DLI 23rd Infantry Works Company and then the Labour Corps 357th Works Company before being transferred to the Royal Engineers (Tyne Electrical Engineers). Later on in the war he attended an AA Search Light Course at the Royal Engineers School of Electric Lighting in Gosport, but was assessed as only ‘fair’ and ‘although keen and intelligent, suffered from physical disabilities.’ Raymond does not appear to have seen active service overseas but it seems he did serve the Army well, later working as a Royal Engineers engine driver for the Army (after being remustered as a Sapper on 6th September, 1918) until his demobilization on 11th Feb 1919, when he was granted 28 days paid leave, until his service ended on 10th March 1919. His service records note three offences: 1) 22.5.18 Absent Without Leave (from 6pm 22/5 until 9.55am 23/5/18) – 7 days Confinement to Barracks; 2) 5.7.18 Failing to Appear at Place of Parade – 2 days Confinement to Barracks; 3) 21.8.18 Absent Without Leave (overstaying leave by 6 hours) – Admonished.

Raymond had sisters named Bertha and Vera, who like Raymond were born in Wymondham. His mother Edith originated from Rutlandshire. Further information relating to Raymond and his family or descendants would be welcome. Raymond Clark(e) is shown on the ‘Absent Voters List 1918/19’ as living at Pyehill Cottages, Jacksdale. On demobilisation his home address was given as no 7, Pye Hill, Jacksdale.