Sound Recording – Roger Walker (Two Parts)

EIn this TWO PART interview Roger Walker born Dixie Street, Jacksdale in the 1950’s remembers nearly all the neighbours, such as the Wards, the Revills, the Derbyshires, the Wildes and more. Back in those days everyone had a coal fire and what with the smoke from the forge, the pit and the pipeyard,  Jacksdale always seemed to be hidden under a layer of smog.  Roger attended Jacksdale School when Mr Pringle was head and  heard that if you dared write the word ‘got’ in any of your essays, Mr Pringle would make you cut out the word, put it in a matchbox and bury it outside!  Roger remembers buying fresh bread while it was still warm from the Dixie Street Bakery and also standing too long in the queue at Newbold’s Butchers while all the customers gossiped to their heart’s content. When he wasn’t running shopping errands for his mother there was time to go catching sticklebacks in the Cromford Canal or if he could persuade Tommy Earnshaw to sell him some ‘aeroplane elastic’ he’d use it to arm his catapult instead. Photo: Alonza Howard centre outside his shop on Selston Rd, Jacksdale. Earnshaw’s Shop next left.

Part One – Growing Up

Part Two – The Family Milk Round