Bridge Petition

In May 2012 JACH’s and the Codnor Park Action Group (CPAG) joined forces to petition to restore a bridge linking Jacksdale and Codnor Park. The original bridge, across the Cromford Canal was removed in 1998 just prior to outcropping due to its dangerous condition but was never replaced. Jacksdale residents can’t access the beautiful walks at Codnor Park and Codnor Park residents can’t access Jacksdale’s shops and facilities on foot. Petitions can be signed at Ironville Post Office, Codnor Park Social Club, MCM Estates & Lettings, The Lighthouse Charity Shop and Pauline’s Pantry in Jacksdale. Or you can sign our e-petition at Or have your say and keep up to date on our facebook page

Photograph Courtesy Ripley & Heanor News